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Know Your "Right To Choose"

When you need to get your auto glass replaced, it's important to be aware of your (Right to Choose) the shop that works on your vehicle. Sometimes insurance companies and agents will have preferred shops that they encourage their customers to use, but that does not guarantee they are reputable shops. Be aware that you have the right to pick any shop you wish to replace or repair your auto glass regardless of what insurance companies or agents may say.

Selecting The Right Shop

There are some key questions you should consider when deciding what shop you're going to hire for auto glass service. For one, how long have they been in business? While many windshield repairs and auto glass replacements go off without a hitch and come with warranties, what if you have problems and the company you hired is all of a sudden out of business? It's smart to learn what you can about a company before you trust them with your vehicle. Another great question to ask a shop before hiring them is whether or not they use OEM or OEE quality glass. Many shops can provide very low-cost replacement glass because they use glass with quality that's inferior to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. This very common practice in the industry unfortunately leaves the customer with sub-standard products that puts both the vehicle driver and passengers at risk.

Why Choose Auto Glass Nationwide Auto Glass?

Every company wants to be the best, but at Nationwide Auto Glass we truly believe we are your best choice for auto glass replacement, new windshields, and windshield repair in South Texas. We provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacements (as well as more affordable OEM - Original Equipment Equivalent solutions) for all types of vehicles and install the glass on-site with mobile services. We've been providing auto glass service to the area for over 15 years and are committed to all of our customers' complete satisfaction.

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