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Harlingen auto glass repair

When it comes to windshield repair and replacement, there is no question that a well-lit, environmentally-controlled work shop is a better alternative to a parking lot or driveway in 100 degree heat or inclement weather. While many glass shops are willing to sacrifice quality for convenience, Nationwide Auto Glass chooses to provide clients with the best quality service, under the best conditions. What is the overall effect on the integrity of the repair or installation process when going mobile? Technicians who are not exposed to harsh conditions are less likely to take shortcuts and more likely to take the time necessary to provide the client with the optimum repair or replacement.

Removing the old windshield is just as crucial as installing a new one when it comes to the durability and longevity of the replacement. In shop, special tools are used to remove the old windshield without damaging the underlying surface. When scratches or other damage is left untreated, rust develops and over time, ultimately destroys the integrity of the installation. At the very least, leaks may develop causing the need for another windshield replacement. Safety is paramount and at Nationwide Auto Glass the use of proper primers and installation procedures is the highest priority.

Even removing and vacuuming out door panels are affected by a mobile service. In shop, the technician uses compressed air to blow out broken glass, returning the vehicle in the best condition possible. Overall, there is really no comparison in the level of quality of an in-shop vs. mobile repair or replacement. Nationwide Auto Glass stands behind this philosophy and will provide the best service necessary to accommodate our clients' needs without compromising quality.

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